!!!Try to do as much ‘carpooling’ as possible by letting others know when you’re planning to leave!!! You can use the facebook group for this.

By CAR (or bicycle, or on foot…)

If you have a navigation system, you can drive to the Rue (du) Moulinai in Gedinne. Or use google maps or mappy to get a description of the route up to that street.

There are two entrances to the camp. If you take the first entrance towards the west side of the river, you can park your car there at the start of the field and move on from here. On dry days, you can take your car a bit onwards to unload. But the deal is: cars that are regularly used to go to town or anywhere else, should stay at the parking at the entrance of the field. If you have a van or caravan, you can take it in a bit more far, but only if you don’t want to use it as a vehicle for the time of your stay. Be aware that the place can get quite muddy when it rains a lot. So it’s all at your own risk 🙂

If you take the second entrance towards the east side of the river, you can’t take your car on the field. There are a few parking spots before the entrance. Please respect this car free side and park your car there.

Public transport

With the train you can get up to Gedinne Station (you can find the train schedule on the website of NMBS/SNCB).

From there, you can walk the 3,5km to the camp through the forest. After 500m on the main road to Gedinne, take the “old train-track turned into walking route” on the left of the big road. It runs along the main road for about 100m, after which it turns away from it to take you through the forests to Gedinne. Just keep following the old train road (the tracks have been taken away, but the slight slopes and slow turns still hint that this was once a railroad track). You will see the camp after 3km (about 40 min. walk)


Check the route on Google maps or Mappy and note down a few important points (like numbers of the highway and where to get of the highway). A cardboard with the name of a bigger city on the road and, below that, the name of your destination (Gedinne) could do miracles. Or go for a little adventure and write ‘Prairie’ on your sign…

I’m sure you’ll find it. See you soon!

ps: my number is 0484404034 (Bruno)