Please register if you want to take part in our activities

To participate in the activities of Indygo vzw, you must register. That will cost you a mere 10 euro for a whole year. And so we are automatically in order with our paperwork.

Even if you do not immediately plan to participate in our activities, you can become a member. Your membership already means moral and financial support for the projects of Indygo vzw.

For Prairie Camp, you can only register online. So please register and transfer the 10 euro fee in advance, before coming to the camp, to our account BE25 9734 9560 6982, Indygo vzw. Don’t forget to mention ‘membership fee’ and your full name.

Registration is for each adult. Minors accompanied by an adult don’t need to register separately.

Membership is valid until December 31 of the year of registration.

You can then immediately renew your membership by depositing another 10 euros with the mention ‘Membership [name] [year]’, but you can also do that a little later in the year, e.g. before participating in an activity.